Monday, October 6, 2008

Will my seeds grow?

I think it was Hoppo Dumpo who suggested I start collecting little yogurt containers so I can grow my seeds in. Then I saw this (third picture down) at Towards Sustainability and thought what a fabulous idea. I have been saving my toilet rolls for cracker making for Christmas but then decided I can recollect them shortly.

I have planted herbs like basil and parsley. Vegetables like Lebanese cucumber, silver beet, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin and more. In four weeks time I will re seed some more so I can have them staggering all through summer. Just waiting for the patches to be finished so I can then plant corn, carrots and spring onions.

I will keep you up to date with how they go. Tassie weather has usually been cool in morning and evening but day time warms up enough to take your jumper off - but we have had a lot of wind lately and not enough rain so it is dry. Despite this the vegie patch is contributing nicely to the dinner table. I hope with the vegie patches in the front we can actually make a decent dent in the food budget. I am still waiting on the cauliflower to grow bigger - one has seeded which was not a nice sight. Broccoli as well as the never produced brussel sprouts (they are nice young) has all gone to seed now. ON a good note Carrots, beetroot and Leeks are almost there (yum yum). LOADS of silver beet.

Lets hope these little seeds grow and help us produce an even better bumper crop this season.


tami said...

It's weird seeing you starting planting when I spent today clearing our my garden and putting it to bed for the winter.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Sadly, I can't take the credit for yoghurt pot idea. Gardening isn't really my forte :(

I do collect toilet rolls to make our Christmas crackers though!

Kris said...

I hope your seeds do grow! There's nothing like food out of your own garden. Our garden is a mess at the moment, but I have decided to spend a little time each day in the garden so that we can eat stuff from our garden too!

Sandi said...

It is great to grow your own vegies and herbs. I love to be able to go out to the garden and pick things. I have been 'banned' from growing pumpkins though, by hubby - because they usually take over the garden and send out runners onto the lawn. (He's a neat freak)
Our weather has warmed up considerably - almost summer temps now.

Beth J said...

I'm heading to Tassie in two days, and I heard them reporting snow in Hobart a few days ago!! Aii! I can cope with cold mornings/evenings, but I hope the days aren't too frosty. I think I'll be packing leg warmers and thermals.

Good luck with your seeds!