Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Breast Check Reminder

A few days after the usual date. Please check them today.

This is from Home Health UK


Fingers slide easier over wet skin. Raise your left arm and with the flat side of your hand move gently over each breast in a circular motion. Check for any lump, hard knot or thickening. Do not squeeze or prod your breasts. It is also important that you feel around your collarbone and armpit for any swellings or lumps.


Put your hands on your hips and then press inwards until the chest muscles tighten. This will make any changes more prominent. Now, put your hands on your head and look for dimples or bulges, particularly underneath your breast. Dimples that are symmetrical in each breast are usually harmless. Put your arm over your head and look again for any changes. Look carefully at your breasts from every angle from the side, underneath and leaning forward.


Place a pillow under your left shoulder and put your left arm above your head. Examine your breast in a circular motion. Look for any change in nipple direction, puckering, swelling of the dark skin surrounding the nipple or orange peel skin. Repeat on right side. Also squeeze each nipple gently to check for any discharge.

There are a few other signs you should be aware of and look out for when doing your self-awareness - check routine:

A change in the shape or size of the breast - it may be that one breast has become noticeably larger or lower.
The nipple turns in - it becomes inverted.
The nipple changes position or shape.
A swelling or lump in your armpit.
A blood-stained discharge - this a very rare symptom.
A rash on a nipple or surrounding area (very rare).
Veins which stand out more than usual.
Any pain in your breast that you have not experienced before.
Remember, that if there is any change in your breast from what is normal for you, you should make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

What else may cause lumps or pain in the breast?

The good news is that 9 out of 10 breast lumps are not caused by cancer and will prove to be benign. Although breast problems can sometimes be painful, they can usually be treated easily and rapidly.

There are two types of lumps common in women:-

Cysts - these are fluid filled lumps, which may vary in size. They can be removed if they are painful, but they usually shrink without the need of treatment.
Fibro-adenomas - these are firm painless lumps, made up of fibrous and glandular tissue. These lumps are easy to remove surgically if they are causing discomfort.
Breast pain, also known as mastalgia, is a common problem that most women experience at some point in their life. This usually happens before their period and can be helped by a prescription, available from your doctor. As with all breast problems you should always report any lumps or pain to your doctor.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas

As the day draw closer I feel my time is more valuable. Much to do but at a slow pace and with not the usual energy. So this is my little Happy Christmas to you all lovely bloggers many who have become friends and who become part of my life. I look forward to coming back before the New Year and hearing about everyones holidays.

xxoo Sarah

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicken & Bean Stew

I am not a bean eater but this dish was sensational! Go on make it tonight!

Serves 4
Quick and Easy

700 chicken thighs (we used 500g)
1 chorizo well chopped up
1 red capsicum will diced up
2 garlic cloves crushed and chopped up
1-2 tsp ground chili (we used 1/2)
800 g diced tomatoes
800 g borlotti beans drained and rinsed
1 cup chopped coriander

Lightly spray saucepan with oil and heat on medium. Cook chicken till browned. Remove and set aside. Cook chorizo till just browning. Add onions and capsicum and cook till just soft. Stir in garlic and chili and then add chicken back in with tomatoes and beans. Bring to boil. Simmer for 10 - 15 minutes. Stir in coriander. EAT!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you Vickie!

Vickie from Vickie's Crafting sent me a RAK. My VERY FIRST ever received RAK! I was so excited. Once a month Vickie draws a person who has left a comment on her blog and sends them a RAK and I was the lucky one this month! The boys convinced me it was not a Christmas present that i could open it today - so I did! The colours are PERFECT Vickie - it reminded me of a swiss roll! Thank you very much.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ah if only I was a child again!

Seby had to go to Day Surgery early in the week to have four teeth removed. He has to many teeth for his mouth size. I thought you would enjoy this...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Winner of the Christmas Giveaway!

Have you popped in to see who won?

Oh okay I guess I better do the draw. I would like to thank my son 8.5 who picked out the numbers from my sisters Christmas present....

The winner is........

Isabella from I Just Love To Stitch - YAY

email me Isabella with your private email so I can freight it ASAP so you can get it before Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look what flew into my house!

This gorgeous couple from Picklesticks arrived at my door step late last week. They were very shy at first. I introduced them to the family including the dogs. They now have their own spot on the shelf in the office/craft room where they can watch me. I told the children if they misbehave the dragons will breath fire (lol). They have not been named yet - if you have any ideas do let me know!

While I was trying to adjust the camera I caught them kissing!!! Check the wings out lol.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Made Advent Calander

This is another design of Helen's from Hugs and Kisses. I have altered a few things so it suited my style. I finished this mid December last year so we have used it for the first time this year. We have worked it so one child has odd days and the other even.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another finished project

Ahhh it is such a good feeling. I have had a lot of these projects almost finished waiting for something (with this one it was invisible thread which I now totally love) or time...

The letters were drawn on, coloured in using Helens colourque technique (from Hugs N Kisses) and then stitched around the outside. It gives a satin stitched look in real life.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another finished project

Yee Haw.
A Viv's Creations Design by Vivian Robinson called My Favorite Stocking.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The front door

Usually we have a wreath on the front door but this year I am not feeling creative so I have decided to do something different. What does your front door look like?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am a Mom and

Vickie from Vickie's Crafting has this awesome video on her post I am a Mom and it reminded me of the original version I saw about a year ago on UTube. You MUST watch UTube version then the other for the words. It is worth it.

Also I would like to thank Renee at ...And All Things Nice who tagged me.... here i go!

This award came with some lists that each required 7 answers (BLIMEY)...

Seven things I say most often
1) See you in the morning Gorgeous
2) Come on we are late
3) Give me a minute
4) I am listening
5) What did I ask you to do! (to the boys - SIGH)
6) Can you PLEASE do your job (again to the boys)
7) I love you!

Seven things I did before
1) Born in Nigeria
2) Lived in Philippines till I came home
3) Went to Boarding School from age 12
4) Did one year of Science than completed my Nursing
5) Completed my Post Grad in Midwifery
6) Owned a Scrapbooking shop with a business partner
7) Ummmm

Seven things I do now
1) I am a mum - two boys
2) I do my husbands business books
3) I stitch and quit - never enough time to keep up with my to do list
4) Work as a Family and Child Health Nurse in the community
5) Garden
6) Catering Coordinator for a disadvantaged choir
7) Spend to much time in front of this computer

Seven things I want to do (WANT is says not NEED)
1) Work as a midwife in a REAL birthing Centre with great supportive staff.
2) Have a girl
3) Visit Europe again and explore Asia.
4) Be skinnier
5) Have my to do list finished
6) Live a well life (am I getting to hairy fairy here?)
7) To have less to do

Seven favourite foods (in no particular order!)
1) Hot chips with salt (I know sin)
2) chocolate (surprise!)
3) a roast meal with gravy (see that is why I am not skinny)
4) Fresh Berries (yummmmm)
5) Anything I don't cook for dinner!
6) Salmon (smoked with capers and cream cheese or cooked to perfection with a marinade)
7) UMMMMMmmm cannot think of anything else!

I am suppose to tag seven people but I will be honest I have way to many blogs I really like. SO if you would like to be tagged go right ahead and let me know!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas Give Away

It is that time of the year so I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway for no reason than to make someones day! I have here a Hatched and Patched 2008 Christmas Project to give away. BRAND NEW. Leave a note here on the blog by 17th of December and I will randomly draw the winner. I am happy to freight any where.

These little reindeer's (yes they are reindeer's!) are for my S8 to take to school as a Christmas something.

Monday, December 8, 2008

still being productive....

This is a Kerry Gillespie from My Favorite Things design. It is the first design of hers that I have made. I used wool felt which is just GORGEOUS to work with. I really like her colour choices - even though it is not my usual choice! She is (funny how I have given it a sex!) going to be used to hold a group of things. Just have not got that group of things to hold! I also have Kerry's Snowman Quilt pattern - but that is a LONG way off.

Oh and I have a Christmas giveaway starting in two days!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have been productive

I saw this Santa in a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine a few years ago. Finally I make him... I am still not so happy with the beard.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A surprise

Tuesday am - pain was so bad I was taken to A & E. Dx - Kidney Stones and right Kidney infection. Pain was like labour just with no break. Finally painfree and home today. No stone passed and I now can't feel where my kidney is (it was that swollen). Feeling emotional overloaded. Life can throw in some surprises.