Thursday, October 30, 2008

Introducing Miss ?

This was the little project that required the bonnet I mentioned yesterday. The person to come up with a name I really like by 6th November will receive a little goody in the mail. She was inspired by Sandi's Ducks at Embroideroo. When I saw Sandi's ducks I remembered this pattern which I wanted to do one day... I have been watching Sandi's Ducks grow and now they are much bigger. I have tried talking hubby to letting us have ducks - but I know they just would not work here in our small inner city block. SO this little Miss will be the best I can do.


Kathryn said...

I think the duck is gorgeous, love the bonnet. Love your blog.


What about Daisy, a cute name for a very cute ducky

have a nice day
The Netherlands

Simone de Klerk said...

Your Ducky reminds me of Jemima Puddleduch, one of Beatrix Potter's characters. Did you ever see the movie Beatrix Potter? It's a really feel good movie. Why not call your cute little duck Puddly, Sarah's best friend.
Have a nice day:O)

Simone said...

Love your little Ducky! It reminds me of one of Beatrix Potter's characters: Jemima Puddleduck. Did you ever watch the movie Beatrix Potter? It's such a nice feel good movie :O) Why not call your sweet little duck Puddly, Sarah's best friend.

Tracy said...

Oh Miss Sarah she is so cute!!!
How about Little Miss Quackers or Little Miss Puddles...
Hope you and yours are well, big huggs to you and your menfolk :)
trac x

Isabella said...

I think "Little Scallwag" would be a good name it's such a loving wee name, Little Scallwag could go in your quilt pics like a little mascott

jennyflower said...

Again in deference to Miss Potter, how abour Miss Wobble Pap , which is how it comes out whe my two year old says 'waddle pat'.

Deb said...

What about Louisa, she looks like a little Amish duck.

Kathy said...

Hi Sarah,
She's such a sweety... ...and in that gorgeous purple bonnet, surely she must be named Violet (Maybe she needs to have a twin sister named Lavender).
K xx

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a great duck - I love her expression. How about Hattie as a name?

Karol-Ann said...

Duck's cute, but how are you?

Sandi said...

Hi Sarah,
What a gorgeous duck you have made. Love the little bonnet. I have been thinking of a name for your duckie now for a few days. How about Daphne?
Our ducks are all fine, in fact they are having a swim in their tub as I type this. They are getting more adventurous every day now and are going further afield (but still in our own yard).