Saturday, October 25, 2008

Please check yourself

I am in shock. Someone I know personally has breast cancer. She is early 40s. Family of four children. No family history. Has eaten her own grown food for absolutely years. Someone I KNOW PERSONALLY.

She sent an email saying... "even if you are young, no family history, breast feed your children for long periods and have the attitude it could not possibly happen to me - well it can. GO CHECK YOUR BOOBS!" She also goes on to say her lump was not seen as serious before and was given the okay till she persisted and eventually it was found to be cancerous. She strongly sends the message if you are not satisfied with the doctors tests etc - go get another opinion.

I am one of those young ladies who thinks it will never happen to me. I am one of those people who has on the occasions checked them but thought it will never happen to me. Now I am taking it more seriously. I know many of us do not check out breast properly so please do your research, call your local breast Cancer Society - they will be more than delighted to send you information to help you check yourself properly. Don't just check the breast - you also need to check surrounding tissue - so please do your research.

To help us all women (and men) I am going to blog a reminder once a month. This is October's reminder. Educated yourself up with info and start checking today please.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Thank you for the reminder. I hope your friend or family member is doing OK.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Good for your friend for being persistant. I also was in my early 40s when I found a lump and was told not to worry about it. Two weeks later I had double mastectomies. That was in 1994. It can happen to anyone but it is important to remember, THERE IS LIFE AFTER BREAST CANCER!!!!

I hope all goes well for your loved one. My thoughts are with her,

Carol in Sweden said...

so sorry to hear of your friend's strong for her and lift her spirits!

My good friend from college is WINNING her battle with breast cancer! also in her early 40's...

I went immediately to have my boobies photographed but it's the feeling around that is the best and more often the better!

I will send positive thoughts down your way for your friend!