Monday, June 30, 2008

Not my usual sort of craft!

These stitcheries have been taken to the framer today. I saw these with Philippa at the Craft and Quilt Show last year and fell in love with them - despite them being cross stitcheries. The patterns were from Bent Creek - each stitchery representing a season. I used hand dyed fabric and variegated thread called Sampler threads from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works. I think these are the most delicious threads I have ever used. The problem with using these treads, was you had to stitch every stitch individually and not row by row - a very painful SLOW way of stitching. I would HATE to work out how many hours I actually spent stitching these. I nearly had a heart attack when I found out how much it would cost to frame - SHHhhhhh don't tell hubby!

I do not normally do cross stitching. If I do, I tend to do Shepards bush. Now they are finished I am really pleased.

Oh and we had another sprinkle of snow on the mountain today.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A gardening question

It is so nice to go into the garden after a good rain - the weeds all come out nicely : o ). I am in the middle of a garden challenge. There is this little patch in my garden which has become a bigger patch of oxalis. That PESKY weed. I have been trying to deal with it using chemical free methods. Today I got a shock when I saw how much it has grown so I pulled out the noxious 'I hate oxalis' chemical. If any one out there knows a very effective way of dealing with oxalis that does not involve harsh chemicals I would be delighted to know.

I have also added a poll on my side bar for a bit of fun. So I can see that I am 'normal' LOL. It will give me an idea what people out there actually do. I am a nurse so I am a curious person and like to know what others do! Please vote!

Also, I have been blown away with the number of people visiting my blog which is only less than a week old. I have also been amazed at the number of people who have left messages of support and interest.

Thank you

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am so proud of you guys!

Wow what a BIG job! Claire (at demo table) and Lynda to far left have spent the last few months planning for this stall for the Craft and Quilt Show (Tasmania) and what an AMAZING job they have done. I have spent the last two days helping (and catching up with old friends and lost acquaintances) my feet are aching and I am so ready for an early night (but I we have a dinner at my MIL). The girls have one more day and thanks to Kim (the other lovely lady in the picture) will be helping them. I bet they are going to need some time to recover from the whole experience. I think these two have really done well and it seems made a good impression on the crowd that filtered through the stall. Good on you girls! If you would like some Stamping Up gear just link on their links and order. I am so looking forward to attending their monthly work shops where I get to learn new ideas and techniques (and of course gas bag with the girls!)

I better get family ready for dinner to celebrate my Hubby's birthday (which is tomorrow).

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is Gilbert. Melo (who is coming to Sydney with me next month) brought Mr. Duddly to show us all last weekend and said he was coming to Sydney. I then replied - in the suitcase - wondering what other people would have thought if they saw two grown up women walking together and one holding a teddy (oh sigh). Melo insisted Mr. Duddly was coming on the plane with us (ummmmmm)! I soon grew to the idea and of course Melo suggested if there was another Mr. Dudley at the place (believe it or not at a supermarket in the middle of rural Tasmania) she would buy him for me. He arrived safely this morning. Isn't he cute.... Though tonight Gilbert is missing his best friend Mr Dudley. So Jessie is trying to make him feel at home. You will see Gilbert and Mr Dudley on their adventures to Sydney next month. I still have not introduced him to Coco and Pinky (because I want him to stay nice!) - more on them another time...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I am working on...

I have been waiting for the wind to settle down so I can take some nice outside shoots of the projects. On my first day 'off', it decides to not only be windy but pouring with rain, explaining the dark inside photo. I will walk you through it. The background is a quilt I have just (well more like 2 months ago) finished for my oldest son (9 y.o. Seby), We have a new bed for him which the quilt will be perfect on but we need to go buy it - the shop is closing down shortly so I hope to get a bargain - if it is not gone (ah oh!). I also want to add a message block on the back - so it sits on my 'to finish' pile. The stitched block to the right of the photo is the first completed of nine blocks. It is the 'There's No Place Like Home' from Daisies and Dragonflies. This, I have decided is going to be a long term project (i.e. by next winter). Can I do it? The alphabet quilt is something I did after receiving a collection of 2.5 " blocks at the The Quilted Crow gathering in April. I have stitched the letters outline and coloured the inside with water colour pencils and then set the watercolors with a special medium. Thanks go to Helen from Hugs 'n kisses who taught us this technique at the previous gathering. Jo says it makes the letters look like they are satin stitched. I still need to quilt and bind it. I am waiting on my local quilt shop to let me know when a pattern has arrived so I can go in and do my purchases at once (and I am sure add a few more goodies!). Behind all the quilting is my basket of projects all waiting to continue with or to begin. I must be patient.

Also amongst all of this is about eight layouts ready to be done. There is a mass of photos to be printed and scrapped let alone my personal scrap journal. I am a bit slow with my scrap-booking at the moment - I think because I have to decide and think. With stitching, the patterns are there and I just do it. I hope to partially rectify this problem when I go to Sydney next month to Kylie's Scrap Girl Retreats with Melo and meet up with my two close girl friends Tracy and Sherri.

Boys and I are making savoury muffins for afternoon tea - they are smelling - must be time to take out of the oven.

Keep warm!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yup I finally have a blog!

Well hello : )

I know the photo has NOTHING to do with my post! I just had to see if I could upload it!

Why am I here? Well..... I have been SO inspired by all the other bloggers out there who share their work and a little bit of thier lives I felt it was about time I shared mine as well. I hope you enjoy and join me on my journey. I also hope freinds and family who live away from my home can be more part of my life this way.

I will tell you a little secret before I finish this post. I once was SO anti blogs I refussed to look at them. Since I have discovered stitching/quilting blogs it changed my attitude. A freind long ago encourgaed me to have a go and I point blankly refused - so to Mel - here I am - laugh as loud as you can!