Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On my desk

Block nine of 'There's No Place Like Home' from Daisies and Dragonflies, Angel Swapie Package waiting for the home made card, the Adobe Photoshop which will not boot on my computer (but on my husbands - grrrr), Copy of my Great Grandmas diary (which I really need to read and pass on) and what has been occupying most of my time - the last financial year stuff for our business. All tidied just for this photo : )

Must get on with it.


Jo in Tas said...

That desk is tooooo tidy!

Kris said...

oh. I was going to be incredibly impressed by your tidy desk and then you said: Tidied up for this photo. I have been working on my journal quilt for Minou's Minute's challenge today. My desk looks like a bomb hit it!!!

Janellybelly said...

Hi Sarah
Your parcel arrived today - YAY! I did a post about it on the blog. Thank You very much :)
Janelle N xx