Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012

Hello dear readers...

I like to reflect the year on this day.  It has been a much more stable year compared to 2011 which is rather nice.  Trying to think of the highlights - which are many - the most recent - for me personally - is removing sky diving off my bucket list.  That was one awesome ride (thanks Hamish!).

I have had a good crafty year as well and picked my Civil War Quilt up just before Christmas.  I would like to finish my UFO (I blogged about it some *ahem* ago) and my Sue Spargo project (it seems such a shame to not).  I will also finish another Christmas Stocking for the eldest boy.  I continue with my scrapbooking but in 2013 will be furiously attempting Project Life.  I know there will be a few projects slipped in but these must will be done.

I am not sure where I am going with the blog.  I seem to be stalking lots of blogs, Face Booking lots and pinteresting abit.  I would love to spend less time in front of this screen.  It is a catch-22 with the craving for ideas (pinterest/blogs), the need to be in touch with friends (FB) and interest/reassurance I gain from blogs.

I have been doing yoga weekly for almost two years now and would really like to do it almost daily.  This is a priority issue.  I would like to read more.  My book/magazine pile on my bed side table is ridiculous.  Exercises more - I do have plans to join a weekly Barrosa class.  And finally tenacity for more time in the garden.  It is not large - very manageable size just seems to slip the radar all to often.  I guess 2013 is fitting all these things in.

Bring on 2013.