Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three little penguins

Little man and I have come up with another version of "five little ducks (went out one day)"

Three little penguins
waddled away
over the snow and far away

Mother penguin went chirp chirp chirp

But only two little penguins came back

Two little penguins
went a swimming
around the icebergs and far away
Mother penguin went flap flap flap

But only one little penguin came back
One little penguin
slide away
along the ice shelf and far away
Mother Penguin went chirp flap chirp

But no little penguins came back...

Friday, September 25, 2009

September Breast Check

I have a vision - I will one day - make this a separate site/blog where people can be on a list that sends them a reminder to check their breast once a month. I want this to get big enough that it reaches a record breaking list and thus a record breaking number of women checking their breast. A simple email sent to them with simple information and links to aid them on checking themselves and doing it correctly.

But for now I will keep dreaming and thinking till I have more time and know how to do so. Any ideas/thoughts know how would be most appreciated.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Touching Base

Hi all and what a coincidence it is my 200th post - oh well it will pass quietly - don't worry - I will make up for it one day! Been a bit scared to write a post as I seem to have caused a few worry lines and grey hairs to some of my blogging friends. As you can see the little man has continued to grow - despite my attempts to keep him small and little! He has started to grab toys with both hands and attempts to suck his two fingers. He likes to chat and beams so much the whole room shines. I find him rather delicious. Not much crafting happening here just lots of baby love, family life, cooking and thus walking to cook! I will catch up one day but so much enjoying these very precious times.