Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On my desk

Even though I have been quiet (been to bed by 8:30 for the last few days) I have still been productive. At the moment I am trying to get through a few small projects as well as get the baubles for the Christmas Bauble swap moving along nicely (see Cathy!). On the right is some Christmas stitcheries designed by Natalie Bird from the Bird House (from the Quilted Crow gathering) finished and framed and now put away for Christmas time (oh my gosh there is Christmas stuff already in the shops). To the left of these is a secret project (I have been asked to road test prior to release - a total honour). To the left of this project is squares cut up to make my uncle a quilt for Christmas (I am being organized). The Christmas Baubles in front and another stitchery for a (cough cough) for (cough) for Christmas. Also completed but not in the piccy is my needle punch holder by Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched- I bought the pattern and goodies to make it at the Quilted Crow gathering. A layout to finish to the left again and above that - the reasons for my early nights. A massive accumulation of late nights to finish the book work for last financial year for our business (our program crashed and backup 'disappeared'). We see the accountant this morning - hip hip hooray.

So see? I have been productive and I plan to keep plodding through my 'small' projects and Uncles Quilt till the pile appears smaller than I will begin making the boys car quits.

At least you have had some peace from me (grin).

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