Sunday, April 24, 2011

ahh a change of scenery...

A break away from the happenings here. Just good. A farm B & B way out woop woop of NE Tasmania. No mobile reception, stars so bright, silence that was deafening and a fire that warmed your bones. Fresh chook eggs, home made bread and jam.

We managed to escape... you know how they say it is the journey and not the destination?

cheating at chess - I never learned how to play chess and the boy thought I knew - hA!

Lots of ball stealing...

This site is calling me back already...

yup fresh...make the mouth sing stuff

Made easter eggs at Aunt Marys house. Seriously cool stuff.

Lots of tress on the farm to climb

space space and SPACE to run and jump and twirl (for girls only apparently)... the hills are alive.... with the sound ...of voice....

Pop in here and lots of others on the way back home... I just love country markets/shops you meet such creative people and yummiest produce.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wanna doa swappa?

Yea. I am in. I already have a design in mind. Even bought a new range of fabrics for it. Love it so much that I am going to make two. Going to join?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mama vibes

What is it with mothers? This ma ma is emotional. My 10 year old is going camp tomorrow for two nights. I know I have posted about this before... but I thought I would be on this by now! AND to top it off the 12 year old is doing 'The Canberra Trip". He is going interstate - far far FAR away from me next week.

I am super sore from a heavy morning in the garden yesterday - you would not know I have been in there - dont you hate that.

PLUS I have a heap of friends who have just told me they are pregnant. Oh dont get me wrong lovies I am happy for them. It just stirs the old mummy strings here. I have three children. We have not halted the thought of a fourth but I dont feel ready. BUT there is all this wonderful pregnancy vibes radiating from them (hey lets be honest they feel crap) and I cannot shake this feeling sorry for myself feeling.

Hubby recons it is the" time of the month presh" - WRONG.

Any suggested cures readers?