Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrap Weekend Away

The view from the front of the house. Way to much laughter and chatting to hear the waves!

My scrap space - where I was productive.

A couple of girls saw these and we have all taken photos of them. Never seen ones like these (big) in the wild.

A fantastic weekend away with a great bunch of girls. I feel so lucky they are my friends.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tick... another project is done!

The Quilted Crow's asked me to road test this "Nellie's Sewing Box" pattern... I SO enjoyed making this box. It is using felt wool which is gorgeous stuff. They are selling the kit with all materials (except DMC) to make it. Contact them here.

I even learned a new stitched called pekinese stitch - which I rather fancy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Breast Check Reminder

Keep it up ladies - time to check again. PLEASE don't be non-complacent about it. Check here for further info.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A bit pink?

Tick... another project finished. Punched needle work from Hatched and Patched. Wonder if I should change the back ground - it is rather pink. No complaints from the hubby yet...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I just had to have him

Silly Gilly has been taking a very active part in assisting with raising money for the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal. She has also donated this Steiner Doll to the cause. When I first saw him and found out she was putting him up for auction I had to have him. He is now here in his new home. We have plans coming along to get the babies room ready so he will soon have a place to watch over our little bundle and can meet the rest of his friends.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Simone's Gift

Simone and I have started to swap hand made gifts from across the world. It has been such a delight when ever I finish her projects and send them off. Even more of a delight when I receive her hand made gifts. I received this as part of our Friendship theme and I just LOVE IT. I have just the handle for it but do you think I can find it? Simone also sent me some clothes for the baby which we all think are SO CUTE - but you will have to wait for the little man to come to see them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tick... another quilt is done!

Yes finally another quilt is finished! They are all coming together - woo hoo.

You have NO IDEA how many times I tried to take a photo of this quilt to really show off the fabrics. Several times during out the day in different places and I have given up so you will have to make do with this photo.

This is my youngest sons bed quilt. It may look simple - and yes it is but boy it seemed to take forever!

He asked me to quilt it as he wanted me to quilt it like this... When I gave it to him he said ' Mum this is so special because you did everything on this quilt for me'. Amazing how children notice those things.... I was going to get someone else to do the quilting...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dancing Flowers

A while back Helena from Syverkstan sent me a copy of her first ever design. I felt so honoured to be given this privilage I just had to make a quilt for me (my very first own quilt) and here it is....

The flowers in the quilt are hard to see in the photo so here is a close up. I even quilted it the same as Helana's. I am really happy with her.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I stippled!

I have seen a lot of stippling by Kellie at Don't Look Now and wished I could do it. I have avoided stippling in fear of failing. I finally bit the bullet and had a go with a bib I made out of the fun fabric I bought from AQC. I was actually impressed with myself. I have booked myself into a machine stippling etc class just so I can learn from an expert rather than re invent the wheel. That will be in May.

I was surprised I had to keep the dog feeds up. SO I am not so sure how people do such lovely small stippling with large quilts... I guess I will learn at the class. Any hints and lessons from you?

Shoe pattern was from Star Dust Shoes. Do you think the little one will like it when he comes out?

Monday, March 9, 2009

BOM done!

Gails Pans Designs next Christmas BOM is out! As usual just georgeous.

Here is my version...

I have also done the Country Calander BOM from Ellies Quiltplace. My little to be baby is going to love this in its room. As I am in Australia I will be switching the months with the pictures when I have completed them all and will then make the blocks up.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tick... moving along the list

Here is my oldest sons lap quilt. He is really happy with it (despite the pink and purple blocks!). That's all that matters. I really enjoyed machine quilting this with invisiable thread - it has finished out how I thought it should. Pattern from The Quilted Crow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AQC Part 2 - what I bought (evil grin)

Of course most important - what I bought! I was restrained and practical. I went with a list and I came home with more!

These fabrics are for a planned project in the future (with in next four months).

Fun Fabrics. We just don't this sort of fabric down here - funcky fun fabric. No plans for them but I so had to have them (robots and apples - so cute!). I am sure something will stand out for them soon.

Clockwise - Doctors Flannel, below Pearl Minkee fabric (thanks to Liesl who had it on her blog - again have not seen it down here), to the right Jodie's Pattern - boy doll (GOOD LUCK Jodie for Stitches and Craft!) and a hat pattern for next summer, to left more bobbins - cannot have enough!, left again - fray stop, left again - thimbles for my poor fingers, above - my tag which let me in the AQC, above - finger grippers (reminded me of condoms LOL) and to the right gripping gloves for when I start doing stippling on my machine and finally to the right more invisible thread. MIssing are the new needles!

Was very pleased with my purchases and control!

Monday, March 2, 2009

AQC trip part 1

Wow what a great three days away. Not only is my craft interest being nourished but two great companions (Jo and Helen) to share it with. We left a nice 8:30 flight to Melb. Headed straight to the hotel and walked to the AQC. Here is the beautiful (not airconditioned) Exhibition Building where the AQC was held... The fountain spray was very refreshing...

I was feeling a bit hot and weary so headed back to the hotel about 2:30 for a na na nap. Then we had dinner and went out to IKEA (there is no IKEA in Tasmania). Would you believe we 'banged' into Christine and Kathy. Jo has a photo of us in an IKEA living room. We saw this lonley fellow on the way out and I could not resist the photo. He wasn't shy at all!

I spent the next day mossling around Melbourne shopping for clothes (another post!) then spent the third day back at AQC. This time I was in the mood and really enjoyed looking around and being able to get right up to the stalls! SO I bought a few things and caught up with Jodie from Ric Rac. She even served me (and I was her FIRST customer!). See Jo's blog for her picture. POOR Jodie when the door opened for the public she was swamped ALL day with customers.

Here is the Tassie Bloggers who were at the show. One is not a Tassie but she did a great impression didn't she? Can you guess who it is? We had such a long chat with her. Here is a Kathy, Jo, Guess who?, Cathy, Christine and Leanne. Helen was off trying to catch up and organize stuff.

Next post I will show off what I bought - I was VERY practical and restrained!