Monday, November 17, 2008

This is... my favourite thing from nature

I know I am a day late - but hey this weeks host Cloth and Fodder is a day late too - wonder if Three Buttons, will notice?

My favourite thing from nature is Rain.

I just love the feeling before it rains. I love hearing it patter on our roof. I like to have the excuse to stay inside and keep warm. I like how it makes the plants sing. I love how it helps my vegies and plants (ex weeds) grow with out having to use our prescious water resources and I love how it makes the ground, flowers and grass smell that fresh smell after.

Just wished it rain more.


Isabella said...

yes the smell after the rain is great really refreshing more so in the Aussie Bush

maria said...

I wasn't very keen on rain when I cycled home from work today in it in the freezing cold!!!!!
Maria x