Friday, August 1, 2008

What makes me smile.... day five

This made me giggle for a few hours. The girls (including Jo) and I went to see Mamma Mia at the Cinemas. Not any Cinemas - we went to GOLD Class Cinemas - very plush chairs (which lift your feet and go way back) and people serving you goodies any time of the movie, blankets, pillows etc etc. This is a sneak peak... I was so close to dancing in the aisle - Melo said I was not allowed to sing aloud unless I knew the song lyrics so I behaved (grin).


tami said...

We DID sing and had so much fun. It was a great movie.

Jo in Tas said...

I had such a great time, loved it!
Next time we go to the Republic Bar afterwards just for Maree!!!

Christine said...

Sounds like fun. ABBA were my most favourite group ever. Know the words to all the songs. Hope I get to see the movie soon.

Helen Stubbings said...

wish I was there, maybe next time