Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Suzie's biscuits

Do these look yummy or what? A friend made these for us and they were all eaten up VERY quickly.


Oh (giggling here) I received my first contact from my Angel Swap Partner. I just LOVE that I have a total secret angel making something just for me - love it - it makes me feel all goose bumpy. Isn't she SO organised! I have started to plan for my angel as well (grinning from ear to ear). Oh isn't this just GORGEOUS! Hello to my anonymous Angel Swap partner (waving at you)


Jo in Tas said...

It's like being a kid all again!
I can just picture you waving at the monitor LOL!!!

maria said...

Hi there Sarah, it's great to hear you have heard from your swap partner. I hope I hear from mine, i haven't heard from my bag partner either. The biscuits look fab.
maria x