Saturday, August 16, 2008


Not sure what it is about them but I have caught the button bug. Lynette and I have been emailing and she suggested I went to my op shops to find more buttons. Well I visited four today and found these. There are wooden, metal and country colours. I even found a well worn silver Defence Force button. Not many blue or green ones to find.

The next day I visited a shop near my work place and found these luscious buttons and this jar to hold them in! Now I need to find another bigger one to fit the rest of my buttons in bags....

My surprise gift is almost finished.


Tracy said...

A crafter can never have too many buttons!!! I love buttons :)
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
Miss you
Trac x

Jo in Tas said...

Love the jar! I'm with Tracy, can never have too many buttons
Thank-you for the lovely cushions, they are gorgeous! I'll cherish them forever!!!!!

Helena said...

It´s something special about buttons! A when you put them in a jar, they will become a wonderful decoration...