Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What makes me smile... day two

After I sent last nights post I was sitting in front of the fire enjoying the warmth- I decided it had to be added to today's post...

But this is what made me smile this am (besides seeing my boys coming into bed for a morning cuddle)

Apple and Yogurt muffins. They are for my youngest sons morning tea stall today. They are doing an enquiry about food - where it comes from and how it gets to us and how shops operate etc. So they are running their own stall of goodies to sell. Money they raise will go to a charity or the Quaker service. I find it difficult to keep up with all the 'expectations' I have of myself as a mother of boys going to school (you know canteen duty, food choices, parent help, excursions, gatherings, violin lessons, reader books etc etc etc). But I managed to make these and do it properly - and that was really satisfying.


anne said...

That fire looks very inviting and a cup of tea and some yummy muffins would be great, throw in some stitching and good company, yep I will be right over, lol


What makes me smile........this morning waking up with a singing granddaughter of 2 years old, but reading your blog and almost taste the muffins made me smile also ;-)


maria said...

Those muffins look very tasty.
It seems strange that it is winter for you and you're sitting in front of the fire, when here, on the other side of the world it is summer.
Maria x