Friday, July 25, 2008

I am back!

What a GREAT long weekend away. We were up early. It was still dark. Melo and Dudley picked us up and we all went to the airport. My luggage weighed 18.1 kg. Ah oh. Flight was two hours from Hobart to Sydney. I spent it stitching. Have you tried stitching on a plane which does not stay still (for a reason I know!). We then took the train to Cambell Town where lovely Sherri meet us. Here is the dudes on the train.

Kylies Scrap Girl Retreats are always such good fun. I think this has been the best of the four I have attended (or is it five?). I got so much scrapping done it will make my scrapping friends SO proud. While I am in the groove I hope to continue so I can actually 'catch up' (noticed the ' ' ). Tracy spoiled us with her personal designed cocktail - I did not try as I am on this dairy free thingo. Well actually the real excuse is I am a cheap drunk and I dont like the taste of alcohol.

When it all finished we headed back to Tracy's place for the night. The next morning the ladies took me to a town near Bargo that had two quilt shops. One of them was SO divine - I HAD To have their fabric. They had such lovely classic/elegant/girl fabrics - oh yum. Here is the fabric I bought. Most (well say at least 50%) have been 'committed' to projects. If I did not have baggage allowance I would have bought MORE.

Then a friend, who did nursing with me, picked me up and showed me the beautiful country and we headed down to the coast. The drive down the escarpment was scary when a double truck could not get round a tight bend. I took the train to Sydney and stayed there overnight. Here is the view from my hotel room. Pretty spiffy hey.

Next morning I took the train to Newcastle. The meeting with my Dads cousin was SO SPECIAL. No I did not cry and he did not look like my Dad but he shared his time and love. Both he and his wife were just so lovely and I am so pleased to have found him. He remembers my Dad from so long ago (way before I was born long ago). Yesterday was his appointment with the cancer specialist to see how the last treatment went and I am anxious to hear the result.

I took the train back to Sydney the next morning, window shopped Sydney CBD and then headed to the airport. Baggage weighed 22.1 and they did not charge me!!! I am glad they did not weigh hand luggage was well! After delays etc I arrived to a warm fire and cuddles at 10 p.m..

I promise I will share pieces of my layouts as I get myself sorted here. There is LOADS of washing and ironing to do plus catching up of six days worth of stuff.


maria said...

Hi and welcome home. I'm glad you had a great time. Lovely fabric, you will be busy with that.
Thanks for all the lovely comments.
Maria x

Maree said...

Glad you had a nice time in Sydney,funny you went to Campbelltown we lived there for 10yrs when we were first married & both the kiddies were born around certainly got around the place which is what I usually do too when I get down there.

Tracy said...

So glad you got home safely :)
It was so wonderful to catch up with you again lovely lady, I had the best weekend!!!
Hope to see you again soon
Take Care
Trac x