Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stitching Swap, blog title and no chocolate!

You may be wondering how on earth I came up with this blog title. Well I spent over an hour typing in potential blog names and they were all taken. I started to send emails to Jo complaining and in one of the emails I said "if only I had chocolate" - it was a light bulb moment! How good was that?

Also if you check out Hugs and Kisses Blog you will see Helen has an exciting new project called The Stitchers Angel Project. Just touch the Stichers Angel Block to the right of this blog and it will take you straight there. I am about to sign up and think it will be a lot of fun. I am envious when I see all these exciting swaps on other blogs and decided to take the plunge : ). Yes this will mean my to do list will stall for a moment.

Another new adveture I am on. I have been advised to try to go dairy free for three weeks (long story - just go with it!). OMGsh you suddenly realise how much dairy you use. Milk in cereal, butter in salad sandwiches, cheese (oh cheese I love), CHOCOLATE, oh I am aching and it is only 24 hours. SO I am looking at alternatives and learning LOTS on the way. Wish me luck!


maria said...

Hi again and thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
I too am thinking about taking the plunge and joining a swap but am a bit nervous about it.
Bye for now, Maria.

Christine said...

I think your blog name is great. Easy to remember and I really relate to it!
The Angels swap sounds good. Tempted but not sure whether I have time at the moment.
Good luck with the dairy free adventure.
See you tomorrow. Can't wait.