Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Signed up for another swap!

I just could not help myself.

So I signed up for another swap at I have the PERFECT bag pattern here which I LOVE which has lots of work but one I would love for myself. I am looking forward to finding out my swap partners colours and I can get started.

Feeling FRAZZLED here because I head to Sydney in 32 hours and I have a list so long it will be more work out than going to the gym LOL. BUT I am SO excited about seeing my special freinds again. I am going to Kylie's Scrap Girl Retreats with Melo (Dudley and GIlbert) and meet up with my two close girl friends Tracy and Sherri. We always have a ball and do the traditional pink PJ photo (with out boob showing this time girls please!). After this I head to Newcastle to see a relative who I have never meet before. My father died over half my life ago - the last few years I have been trying to do my Family History on his side (he was the last male in his line). I found this relative - My Dads cousin and I am so excited to meet him but also very nervous. What if he looks like my dad, what if I cry, what if what if what if!

I have plenty to focus on today so I better get cracking!


Helena said...

Hi Sarah!

Hope you enjoyed your day! Just before reading your blog I found a paper with my genealogical tree on it, which I had forgotten about. It´s exciting to know about your relatives, isn´t it?
The swaps will be exciting too, I´m looking forward to start!
But I´m not looking forward to the winter when seeing your picture. I prefer summer, even this rainy one!

Lynette Anderson said...

Hope the meeting with the unknown cousin of your dads went well. Researching family trees is very interesting., good luck with it all. I look forward to raeading how it all went.

Christine said...

Hope you have/had a great time in Sydney. Looking forward to hearing all about.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the name of your blog!!! Hope you trip to Sydney is enjoyable and that meeting your 2nd cousin helps to fill those gaps in the family tree.

Maree said...

Hi Sarah..saw your name on Lisa's blog so thought I'd pop on over & say HI!! Hope your trip to sydney goes well,I am an ex-pat & enjoy my trip back down to catch up when I can.
will pop back again