Monday, July 14, 2008

An adventure and a good stitch!

My adventure started with an early rise on Friday am for a workshop in Launceston for work. Almost delayed the departure due to black ice and snow in the higher areas of the highway to Launceston. This picture says it all. DH told me to stay behind a truck which will reduce my chance of slipping (see honey I did listen to you!). This truck did slip a few times and it was a bit scray.

Then I headed to Evandale that evening to share accommodation with Christine Dearden and Co. (who organised the stitching day). We all headed to the local Evandale pub with the tutors for a good hearty dinner and gas bag (boy they talk!).

Most exciting - the Heritage Stitching Day at Evandale. You must go to Christine's and Cathy's blog for more info on the day. Cathy's daugher Alex came as well. Here is a picture of us all. L - R Cathy, Me, Alex and Christine.

I did a lot of talking (oops) and eventually after Christine and I did some shopping we decided to work on our newly purchased Lynette Andersons Home Sweet Home stitchery. Christine and I managed to score some good girl talk with Kerry and Vivian. I bought patterns from both of them (could not resist - evil grin) plus some verigated georgeous thread. One of them is hidden as a surprise - more on that another post.

Here are my purchases...

So what did you get up to this weekend?


Jo in Tas said...

I'm soooo envious, I should have been there!

maria said...

Hi, glad you had a good time at your workshop.
We had a quiet weekend. It is supposed to be summer here but the weather wasn't great. We went swimming on saturday to a local leisure centre, my 6 year old is learning to swim.
After not being sure about signing up for a swap, and then signing up for the stitchers angels swap, I've seen another one that I might do here .
Tomorrow I plan to post about my latest sewing project as it's been a week since my last one.
Maria x

Catherine said...

Hi Sarah,
It was lots of fun meeting you and stitching for the day!! Intrigued about the hidden thread?... Cathyxx

Christine said...

Thanks for letting me hang out with you on Saturday. It was fun. How is your stitchery going? Mine has not progressed at all! Great pattern choices.