Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thank you and May BOM

First - a big Thank you to you lovely bloggers who have left such nice notes about my little one. We have been a family of four for nine years and I worry about how I can provide the needs of a little one with the growing and changing needs of my older boys (you know the sibling squabbles and school demands). I know it will all fall in place and we will be fine. I am rather excited about having a baby in our family again.

Gail Pans Designs next Christmas BOM is on her blog - as usual just gorgeous.

Here is my version...

I have also done the Country Calender BOM from Ellies Quiltplace. Still have not decided how I will finish the blocks - patterned - plain - what colour - to hard!


Deb said...

Sarah, everything will be great when your new wee man arrives. He will fit into your lifestyle like he has always been there. True you will have to adjust a little bit but then imagine his adjustments --its all new to him. You will have a wonderful family bond I bet.

Simone de Klerk said...

Your baby will definitely be loved by all of you (O: So special, to have such a little one in your family soon!
Your stitchery and applique BOMS are beauties!
Have a lovely week!

Kerri said...

How wonderful to have a third. And yes everything will fall into place. You have two wonderful boys now and they will want the help and protect him (lots of cuddles). It will be so nice to see them bond together.

Your BOM looks nice. I will have to get going on them and catch up a bit.

Cheers Kez

Leanne said...

You will be fine. If you have survived 2 boys the next one will be a breeze.