Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am a Mom and

Vickie from Vickie's Crafting has this awesome video on her post I am a Mom and it reminded me of the original version I saw about a year ago on UTube. You MUST watch UTube version then the other for the words. It is worth it.

Also I would like to thank Renee at ...And All Things Nice who tagged me.... here i go!

This award came with some lists that each required 7 answers (BLIMEY)...

Seven things I say most often
1) See you in the morning Gorgeous
2) Come on we are late
3) Give me a minute
4) I am listening
5) What did I ask you to do! (to the boys - SIGH)
6) Can you PLEASE do your job (again to the boys)
7) I love you!

Seven things I did before
1) Born in Nigeria
2) Lived in Philippines till I came home
3) Went to Boarding School from age 12
4) Did one year of Science than completed my Nursing
5) Completed my Post Grad in Midwifery
6) Owned a Scrapbooking shop with a business partner
7) Ummmm

Seven things I do now
1) I am a mum - two boys
2) I do my husbands business books
3) I stitch and quit - never enough time to keep up with my to do list
4) Work as a Family and Child Health Nurse in the community
5) Garden
6) Catering Coordinator for a disadvantaged choir
7) Spend to much time in front of this computer

Seven things I want to do (WANT is says not NEED)
1) Work as a midwife in a REAL birthing Centre with great supportive staff.
2) Have a girl
3) Visit Europe again and explore Asia.
4) Be skinnier
5) Have my to do list finished
6) Live a well life (am I getting to hairy fairy here?)
7) To have less to do

Seven favourite foods (in no particular order!)
1) Hot chips with salt (I know sin)
2) chocolate (surprise!)
3) a roast meal with gravy (see that is why I am not skinny)
4) Fresh Berries (yummmmm)
5) Anything I don't cook for dinner!
6) Salmon (smoked with capers and cream cheese or cooked to perfection with a marinade)
7) UMMMMMmmm cannot think of anything else!

I am suppose to tag seven people but I will be honest I have way to many blogs I really like. SO if you would like to be tagged go right ahead and let me know!


Simone de Klerk said...

Hi Sarah, Loved to read all those special things about you (O: Have a great day!

Leanne said...

Very interesting.

Kris said...

I love these! So interesting to learn more about you.