Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My 13 year old shames my stitching

13 yo: Mum
Me: yes gorgeous
13 yo:  I have to do textiles.  You know like you do, sewing, knitting etc - it is going to be sooo boring.
Me: (biting my tongue) oh okay.  You might be surprised?
13 yo: ha ha I DON'T think so Mum!

a week later...
13yo: Mum
Me: Yes
13yo: Look what I did in textiles - we did a back stitch and sewed on a button till it was secure.  We just had to do two boxes.
Me: (having a look at it and gasping) OH my gosh that is SO GOOD!
13yo: (grinning)
Me:  your stitch lengths are perfect!  I find that really hard to do (no I really REALLY do).
13yo: (pft) that is really easy mum. It was really good and this week we are doing applique on a bag and stitching it down next week.  
One - He has learned some crafty technical words and two - he said 'it was really good'. 

I could not be prouder that he is putting my stitching to shame.

Oh and I want to meet this teacher.  She must rock.  Maybe she can convert my 13 year old?  How cool would that be?

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Maree: said...

LOL Sarah Great Story...I hope he keeps it up he sounds very Enthusiastic for Now.

Sally said...

My my my. His stitching is very neat and measured indeed.
Be sure to post the applique too... he is such a talent!
... and yes BRAVO teacher.

Lisa (Needles and Wool) said...

haha that is a very nice story. He might be a natural ! :)