Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tell me it looks like a rose.

I have had this idea in my head for a while and finally I make it.

It turned out heaps better than I thought.  Don't you love that.

Though next time I will make the rose smaller on the skirt - don't you think?  Do you think I need to add a hem the same colour as the rose?

See someone else trying to model discretely as well?

Please SPONSOR me.  I seriously need to raise a lot more!  Jump date is 25th of this month (take a deep breath Sarah)


Sally said...

Love love love your rose. And yes... it absolutely looks like a rose. Fantastic idea. Brilliant. Your creative thing :) - no need for a hem. It looks awesome as is.

Claire said...

love it. As it is.

Deb said...

Very cool skirt Sarah. You are such a clever chook aren't you!! What a great idea and no to the hem.

Vickie said...

Absolutely a Rose..and look at that super huge doggie...cheers Vickie