Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet day

There is nothing like a good slice hey? Thank you for your kind words re the passing of our dog. We are all good. We have spoken to the children the last 18 months about her growing old and one day will join our cat Ginger. We left her in good spirits so it was a shock to get the call. It is all part of the circle of life - as cliche as it sounds the children really go with it.

On to the lucky draw! I noticed when unpacking the goodies there was a certain red theme happening! I love the goodies and hope the lucky person does as well. A nice mixture of things to make you smile and a little something I will make today (which will delay the mailing of the goodies because I CANNOT find an important part for it!!!!! I might have to ask Jo if she has a spare one - I can rely on her at least!). On to the winner... or should I delay the process any more (OKAY I can hear you groan) the winner is.... using the random generator thingo... can you believe - number four - (seriously this was not dodged I totally swear - cross my heart - Jo from Lilly Pilly!!!!!! So do not send me your snail mail Miss Jo - I will hand deliver when I have found another source for my missing part (lol).



Deb said...

Yah, congrats Jo, I am jealous you lucky thing. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Sarah. Loving the look of that slice-yum.
hugs Deb

Jo in TAS said...

Thank-you Sarah!!I never expected to win! I have a few more of those thingies if you want one as long as you promise to keep an eye out at the S&CS for some more in various sizes, they come in handy for little gifties!! That slice looks very scrummy!!

Jantine said...

Even though the dog was old, it must be strange when you leave her in good spirits that she deteriorated when you were away.... I hope you and the kids will cope!
Congratulations for Jo winning your give away. I had a good laugh that you wanted to borrow from her, what you are to give her now and honestly, I wonder what it would be ;-)

Tanya said...

My love and thoughts with you and the family. That must be a very hard homecoming.

Kris said...

I love the fact that Jo is your winner. Enjoy Jo!!! (I want to know what the missing thingy is too!)