Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three little penguins

Little man and I have come up with another version of "five little ducks (went out one day)"

Three little penguins
waddled away
over the snow and far away

Mother penguin went chirp chirp chirp

But only two little penguins came back

Two little penguins
went a swimming
around the icebergs and far away
Mother penguin went flap flap flap

But only one little penguin came back
One little penguin
slide away
along the ice shelf and far away
Mother Penguin went chirp flap chirp

But no little penguins came back...


Jodie said...

Oh No ....Poor Mumma penguin.

(now she has time for crafting though, while father penguin goes and finds the kids)

Leanne said...

To cute.

CurlyPops said...

So cute.... I'll be singing that song all day today now!

Fiona said...

Gorgeous !!

clare's craftroom said...

Cute little penguins , please find them !

Isabella said...

I think Jody may be spot on there , very clever wording Sarah