Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am at it again!

Yup blocks three to five are done.

Miss Sherri arrives from Sydney this morning to spend a few days with me. She is one of those special friends and I am so touched she is coming down to keep me company while we wait for the birth of this little man.


Kris said...

Nothing like some sewing to distract you! Have fun waiting. (Hope he comes soon!)

Bec said...

The fabrics look lovely!
Waiting for a new bub to arrive can be frustrating at times, my thouhgts are with you.

CurlyPops said...

Still waiting....if you do get time, can you please email me your address again.

potty mouth mama said...

Look fab already - wow, how exciting. What exciting days ahead for you. Rest up!

Christine said...

Hi Sarah. Finally catching up with your blog news. Hope you are well and that your little man arrives soon. Looks like you've been keeping busy with lots of sewing projects. Take care.