Sunday, June 29, 2008

A gardening question

It is so nice to go into the garden after a good rain - the weeds all come out nicely : o ). I am in the middle of a garden challenge. There is this little patch in my garden which has become a bigger patch of oxalis. That PESKY weed. I have been trying to deal with it using chemical free methods. Today I got a shock when I saw how much it has grown so I pulled out the noxious 'I hate oxalis' chemical. If any one out there knows a very effective way of dealing with oxalis that does not involve harsh chemicals I would be delighted to know.

I have also added a poll on my side bar for a bit of fun. So I can see that I am 'normal' LOL. It will give me an idea what people out there actually do. I am a nurse so I am a curious person and like to know what others do! Please vote!

Also, I have been blown away with the number of people visiting my blog which is only less than a week old. I have also been amazed at the number of people who have left messages of support and interest.

Thank you

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