Saturday, December 31, 2011

That is it for 2011

As the Little Man and DH read I thought I would reflect on this year. Note the quilt - I know it looks well used. My mum made it well before I was born. It is being loved and used. I prefer that than alone in a cupboard collecting dust. I love it - each piece of reused fabric reminds my sisters and mum of clothes and items mum made when they were little... She rarely crafts now. Such a shame.

We have had a great 2011 here.

* I reconnected with some old friends
* The front is officially a food patch. Lets hope it stays that way! I need to weed it (again).
* Abby joined the family.
* The Little Man has GROWN and developed and still has us all wrapped around his finger (well I like to think not me...)
*DH patent has been approved.
* Both older boys have had such a successful and fun filled year.

In 2012 I would like to achieve the following... in no order

* Welcome and enjoy having three chooky ladies!
* Finish three quilts (all here ready to go!)
* Make a Christmas Tree skirt
* Make the middle boy a Shepard's Bush stocking
* Enjoy the Little Man even more!
* Have a productive veggie patch
* Work out some way of bring more calm and peace in this household!

Hope you all can look back at 2011 with positive feeling and are looking forward to 2012! I am - though hesitant as I don't know what will happen (control freak in me) but I can see some exciting things in the horizon.


Deb said...

Dearest Sarah, I am sure that you will achieve your goals for 2012 because you are such a focused person. I love to set myself goals but at present can't even think of whats happening day to day although I have one goal which I really want to achieve and that is to meet you in March. Fingers crossed and may everything be aligned for it to actually happen.
Happy New Year hun. xxxox

Kris said...

I think 2012 will be great! I love your goals. All achievable and worthwhile too! Not sure if I will get close to growing any food next year. We'll see.

Claire said...

Happy New Year Sarah and family!

Jan said...

So much achieved in the last year! Happy New Year. Here's to 2012.

Jodie said...

Sarah, they sound like great goals for the new year...not sure I can always "enjoy" the teenager but I'll join you and give it a shot.