Friday, October 21, 2011

Day twenty one of Blogtoberfest

Saw this on Reaves,a party of four and thought I would do it as well...

a. age : 37
b. bed size : queen
c. chore that you hate : making dinner - never ending deciding what we will have,shopping and cooking it.
d. dogs : yes - Golden Retriever Abby.
f. favorite color : red but I wear a lot of blue...
g. gold or silver : gold
h. height : don't know. half way I guess.
i. instruments you play : not in my adult life.
j. job title : right now - Wife, Mummy, Daughter, Sister and Friend
k. kids : three - all boys - almost 13, 11 and 2 1/4
l. live : Tasmania
m. mother’s name : Alice
n. nicknames : lots as a child!
o. overnight hospital stays : countless before my adult life with ear stuff, appendix, wisdom's, anaphylaxic shock - you know standard stuff.
p. pet peeves : bad drivers seems to be my biggest peeve. That I can think of at the moment!
q. quote from a movie : ????
r. right or left handed : right
s. siblings : two - both sisters, 7 & 8 years older. I was very unplanned!
t. time you wake up : when I am woken by the Little Man!
u. underwear : absolutely! What people don't wear undies!!!
v. vegetable you hate : cooked you know those big green bean things... what are they called!
w. what makes you run late : because I usually try to fit just that one more thing...
x. x-rays you’ve had : teeth and back.
y. yummy food that you make : lots...
z. zoo animal : what the! Ummm oh I don't know! What ever the zoo has!


Kris said...

Oh we are alike. I HATE the whole dinner thing. I used to think it was just the thinking of it that was hard. Not so. I hate the whole bit.

Simone de Klerk said...

Loved getting to know more about you (o:
Wow, already blogging 21 days in a row. Keep it up, only 9 more days to go.

Kate said...

I hate the dinner thing too, and do you mean broad beans, I don't like them either. 21 dys of blogging straight you go girl :)

Vickie said...

Oh you youngen ...yes I too can relate to the dinner thang..midday as a main meal would be super me thinks...gee next month I will have to look at the calendar to find the date & not your day count hehehe--well odne,cheers Vickie

Jan said...

What fun it was reading this.