Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sherri and I

Brilliant time. Even Tracy managed to pop in all the way from Sydney for lunch!
It was like we never had been apart.
She is talking of coming down later this year. Double brilliant

Kellie's class

Wow this woman is a HUGE source of information and happy to share.
I am so pleased I attended her class. Really pleased. Wish I have more time to make some of her projects.

Addicted to Fabrics

This shop is amazing with its range of fabrics - perfect for Kellie's class!!! I WISH I had a Kellie pattern on hand I wanted to do so I could go crazy... REALLY controlled my spending. Bought only what I needed.
Jenny - the boss lady was super dupper good.


A bit of a worry to see so many inner city shops for lease. Then big building for lease and on the other side of the road building of buildings... Why cannot they just lease the to be leased buildings? Am I missing something?


Jo in TAS said...

Come on show us what you did in class!! Hey and a huge congratulations to Master S for making the front page of The Mercury!!! Awesome!!

Tanya said...

That puzzles me too when they build yet there are buildings already in the same area but empty! Crazy

Jantine said...

Such a great time! You deserved it!

Kris said...

Sounds fantastic. I did a class with Kellie and was similarly inspired and enlightened! Glad you are having such a great time. As for the buildings, who knows? Perhaps the owners of the new buildings are living in lala land, or have received bad financial advice. Our economy seems to be worse than our political leaders are letting on.