Thursday, September 8, 2011

It will happen...

Sometimes I rush a project. Just to get it finished so I can move on to the next one.

I knew when I was doing this project I SHOULD s.l.o.w down but the temptation of getting through my to do list is very strong.

The applique worked a treat and I am pleased. It saved me trying to do very long satin stitches that were failing me miserably. However the stitching totally sucked.

I have removed it all and will do this again.

See waisted stitching...

Tackling the to do list taking longer.

Serves me right.

I have therapy planned. I am heading to Canberra tomorrow for three and a half days to hang out with a very dear friend Sherri and we are attending Kellies's class all weekend. How totally awesome.


Maree: said...

What a Shame..know what you mean though..I think it happens to all of us..
Enjoy your Weekend..might be Just what You Need.

Jo in TAS said...

That is awesome! Have a fabulous time and you should come back a great stitcher!!

Leanne said...

You will have a wonderful weekend with Kellie. She is an amazing teacher.

tea with lucy said...

i rush EVERY project. always trying to get too much done in limited little windows of opportunity.

enjoy your trip!