Sunday, June 5, 2011

The weekend

Woken with the words "mummy mummy mummy" mealt my heart

Sun shining in the window - my early morning

Getting my hands on one of these!!!! If you want to win one - there is a giveaway here - it is seriously luscious.

Rainbows on our drive...

Visiting a new family member to be!!! (maternal bond is like super glue)

Watching this with the older two - I really enjoyed this - big screen a must.

A bit of this...

Hair cut practise - for the 11 year old? You like?

Listened to some violin playing - his teacher knows how to engage him.

Enjoyed home made pumpkin soup - food for the tummy stuff.

Finally hung this quilt in the Little Mans room...

While I had the hammer out I finally put my card bunting up. Now I can see all the georgeous cards given to me over the years. Groovy baby.

AND Boss Man and I went to see this. Brilliant movie. DId I say brilliant? WOW nothing like it.


Kris said...

Oh my gosh! Such a weekend! Did you really pack that all in to two days? I am so impressed. The whole thing looks brilliant.

Simone de Klerk said...

Great post! So much to see and share.
I went to the same movie yesterday with Ger and Laura. Loved the movie too!
I think I'm going to close the computer. A thunder storm is coming. Don't like it.

Jantine said...

This quilt looks great in his room! I found another quilt when I enlarged the picture, which is lovely too. This boy cannot complain anymore!

Tanya said...

HUGE weekend!

Leanne said...

It all looks and sounds fantastic, especially a new puppy.