Monday, March 21, 2011


I have finished stitching and tacking together this quilt. I need to decide how I will quilt it. It has been a l.o.n.g project so I am pleased to have made decent progress for a change.

I have also finished the hexagon quilt (hexagons swapped regularly from my Tuesday Stitching Group). This is heading to The Quilted Crows for quilting. Some tight quilting to ensure my hand work does not fall apart! Again so nice to have made some progress with this as well. Binding next and you know how much I lurve binding (not).

Ah now I can get on to this project. The beginnings of The Little Mans Shepard's Bush Stocking. I find cross stitching slow. So I am hoping by starting now I WILL have it finished for Christmas.

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Vickie said...

say what girl you have finished 2 projects,way to go (ok I know they have to have the other stuffs done but wow great progress,cheers Vickie