Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Like many of us in blog land, we are all dealing with another LARGE tragedy.

It is breaking my heart. We have had enough.

There is many ways we can try to help.

Okay we can donate money to Red Cross Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011.

I can make some softies for the children in Japan. Something for them to hold on to and find some comfort in this difficult time.

We could also auction/raffle items for the Japan Quake Appeal. Some amazing stuff being offered! I am still sifting through it all.

I just wish there is a better more tangible thing I can do.


Isabella said...

I hear what you are saying sarah it's been tuff lately

Mrs. Fun said...

This tragedy breaks my heart. I look at the photos and I think "HOW?" How are they going to recover from this? How are they going to rebuild? How are they going to start living a normal life again?
It just breaks my heart.

Tink's Spin said...

All of your ideas are great, I think there is so much we can all do now and for months maybe years to come. thank you

Tania said...

It has felt so overwhelming, this disaster on top of all the others. But for everyone's small efforts I do have faith that this turns into a whole lot of tangible.