Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quilted Crow Gathering and Scrap NIght

Today I attended the Quilted Crow Christmas Gathering. Was so nice to catch up with Christine and show off our stitchery we both did. I just love how different we each finished ours.

It was also so nice to meet more Tasmanian Bloggers hiding out there! I know crap photo but this is us all - maybe they will have a better shot!

There is Jo from Jo in Tas, Christine from Auntie Quaint Quilts, Helen from Helen's Hugs, Cathy from Highlander Quilt, 'Lizzie' from Lizzie's Page, Alexandra-Kathleen from Stitchin School Girl and Fiona from My Beautiful Girls. Also Christine's Sister (aka my lurking stalker) was taking this picture who has a blog with only three post and I cannot find it...(UPDATE found Kathy's Blog called Harmony Junkie>)

Just to say it was a brilliant day.

The Scrap Night girls have been meeting up here for one and half years now. The group started out as a heap of scrap girls. Then quickly some of them became stampers/scrappers. As the year has progressed stitching girls have started to join us.

I always tell them they are here to rebalance the estrogen and progesterone in my all boy house.

We always have such a good night. We have all shared our lives. What is most important we all support and care for each other. I just love this bunch of girls and the gaps between each scrap night always seems a long time.

I better get off and get the place ready for them!


Kathy said...

Hi Sarah,
Was great to meet you! Was an excellent day wasn't it!! I feel VERY inspired to pull my socks up and venture out of blogging lurkdom. Hope you're having fun with the girls tonight.
Kathy (your friendly blogging stalker lol) :-)

Christine said...

Hi Sarah. Hey, you were quick getting this post up. I'll try and do one tomorrow. Lovely catching up with you again ... haven't we got a lovely lot of bloggers here in Tassie. Hope it's not too long before we meet up again.

Kate said...

Love the stitchery Sarah and sounds like you are in for a fun night too.

Kate :)

On my Verandah.. said...

Thanks for sharing your pics looks like you all had a Great day...Nice Stitcherie.

Stina said...

Wonderful to see the whole gang...;o)
Show me some more here....what did you do??? ;o)

Kris said...

Sounds like the best fun ever! How wonderful to know that many bloggers in real life!

maria said...

Hi Sarah, lovely to see pictures of you all. I can't believe that you all have blogs.
Out of my sewing group, we jokingly call ourselves The Creative Crew, I'm the only blogger. They don't know about my secret! I don't think they would get it.

maria said...

Hi Sarah, lovely to see a photo of you all and so many bloggers in one room.
My sewing group don't know about my blogging - they just wouldn't get it.
Maria x

Jo in Tas said...

Waht a fun day we had, so lovely to meet other Tassie Bloggers! Sorry I missed the scrap night it sounds like you all had a lovely time

Catherine said...

It was great catching up with you yesterday!! Hope your stitching baubles!! Cathy

Helena said...

How fun to meet so many bloggers in real life!
And the stitcheries, the same but so different!
I think you have had a wonderful time!

Bec said...

Both your stitcheries look great! Love Anni's work....
Bec xxx