Saturday, August 25, 2012

testing testing 1.2.3

Yup it still works.  

I feel like I am always being creative 
but then nothing to really show for it.

I have done my homework for the upcoming Sue Spargo workshop next weekend at The Quilted Crows.  Jan is coming and so is a very dear friend from the mainland.  We are going to have  

I am loving watching the vegies grow and the plot provide us with extra goodness at meals.  I am also trailing Hilbarn.  Where food is sourced directly from local farmers and delivered to your door.  The first box I got made me deeply excited about real food.

Been scrapping lots.  Nice to actually finish something.

Have finished all my Civil War Blocks.  Ahmen.  Now I am in the process of getting them ship shape to put together.  This has been a big project.  I will finish it.  No UFO happening here.

I am not really a fiction reader - let alone a book so thick.  This book has a personal link so I am getting through it.  So close to the finish and seeing what happens.  Been enjoying it.

I aint going to blog about groundhog house work or toddler wrangling or sibiling rivary or daily grooming a big hairball.  What about you?  What is keeping you?


Maree: said...

Love your Homework for Sue's workshop...Enjoy!!

Kris said...

So nice to see what you have been up to. I'm just doing the same old same old I think. Mostly being incredibly tired. I thought that would stop happening once my children stopped waking me in the night. They sleep, I still wake! I am trying to read a book here, but it keeps falling on my face!

Claire said...

I need to remember to ask you about those vege boxes when I see you next! Will I ever make it to playgroup again? Sigh. I've been scrambling to get the garden sorted out an I'm jealous of your peas! I

Sandi said...

What are you making with the felt circles?