Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Hexagon Club

I have joined a Tuesday evening stitchers group at The Quilted Crow - open for ANYONE to join. It has been a lot of fun and some seriously crazy women (sorry guys but all good!)! Just what a mama needs. It has re-fired my stitching groove. Leonie and Deirdre have started a Hexagon Quilt Club. We are waiting for 'the committee' to decide on an official name. I am actually rather excited about this project. It uses fabrics I love but also it is so extremely manageable for me. Each week we cut 12 hexagons which we then tack on to the hexagon paper piece. We keep six and take the remaining six back to the next get together to swap. We then sew the pieces we collected, to the growing quilt. I have never done a hexagon quilt so this is a great way for me to learn and produce.


Kris said...

I am in love with hexies! (That's where my patchwork journey started when I was 14!) Have worked with some this year and am extremely jealous of your group. Have fun Sarah!

Tammy James said...

Sounds like fun Sarah!

Jo in TAS said...

Geez look what happens when I miss a night!!

Jantine said...

Sounds like fun and an immensely good idea too. Enjoy!

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah,

You go girl.Love the idea of doing some extra for each other.
Happy days.