Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some what occupied

Getting Ready for The Barn Market this Saturday. I look forward to another fun day!

Made a name fabric book for a first birthday gift. Will give today at the collective 1 year old party. My boy is one year old in a week - I am speechless! ONE YEAR - we have survived, loved, changed nappies, kissed, rocked, laughed, and much more!

I continue to work on my quilt which is now at binding stage - so close to being finished!

Trying to get a bit of scrapping done - this craft has been seriously neglected this year and I miss it.

Been cooking - it is the school holidays here. But always remember when your mum tells you not use a metal knife to scrap down the bowl - listen to her! NO EXCUSE!

Have not done a swap for a while so joining in the Stitched Postcard Swap. Should be fun. See icon on right side. Closes today!

We are all in the mist of setting up another business. More on this later - it has been ever consuming.


Deb said...

OMGoodness Sarah where did that year go for our boy? I can't believe it.
hugs Deb

Lulu said...

Hahah, bent beaters. Good one.

Vickie said...

golly gosh 1 year already wow time has flown-oops to the beaters eh? Getting excited that soon i'll be able to see your quilt,cheers Vickie

Kris said...

Is it really holidays there? We don't have them till July. We must be heaps out of sync with you! Thanks for the postcard headsup. I signed up!

Tanya said...

Hope you have a wonderful day at the market and lots of customers. The bent beaters are a classic! I'll bet the knife sisn't fare too well either.

Sandi Butler said...

Am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.
The beaters don't look well at all, can they be replaced?

Catherine said...

One year!! Amazing how time flys!! Love the

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

love your beaters!! lol, made me laugh, did the same thing as a kid, only not quite as memories though!!