Friday, March 5, 2010


I am coming!!!!! In Easter. We will be staying with a friend (YUP all five of us) for a WHOLE week (like omg).

Preteen boys want to do wet and wild and Australian Zoo

Me wants to do Beach and MARKETS.

Please advise the BEST Markets to visit (centralish). I am keen to see crafty markets (surprise) and also a market I saw about 10 years ago on the river bank on Sunday morning - is it still going? Is it still as brilliant as it was back then. I don't want to visit second etc - wont have time or luggage allowance to do so!

THANK YOU in advanced : o )


Sandi Butler said...

There are the great BrisStyle markets, unfortunatly you won't be there at the right time though - the next one isn't till June. Try the boutique markets at Portside - second sunday of each month, I believe they are great - there is a link on Sandrine's blog
There is the Eumundi markets on saturdays, a bit of a drive from Brissie tho. Your friend may know of some great local ones.
Hope this helps.

Amy Paul said...

Eumundi markets are a must. up the coast a bit of a hike - but worth it. Get there early.
terribly far from them now!!
xx Amy

welsh penny said...

Hi,catch the City Cat on Sunday,buy and all day ticket and sail up the river, it will stop at all the markets. Southport is the best one. Have a great time. Ps,if in Brisbane mall, check out the soap shop Lush! Gail

kathyros said...

would the Sunday market that you are thinking of be the West End market held along the river bank, selling fruits, veggies, all sorts of things. Not sure of the access street, but you would probably find it on web. We love to visit that market whenever we go to Brisbane