Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My functional piles

Do you have many 'functional' piles in your home? They deserve the name 'functional'.

Here is my book pile. A pretty light hearted collection at the moment - except for the book about Aspergers (Mst 11 has Aspergers). Usually there are educational or membership/work related journals/magazines.

I have a pile on my desk - things I need to attend to or people chase up (again).

A pile on the kitchen bench - you know things to return or children to put away (edit:that was to read 'things for the children to put away').

and a pile on my craft table - items to do/make in order so I stop procrastinating!

Do you have lots of functional piles?


Deb said...

Sarah, functional piles in our household are everywhere. Sadly DH's pile is just a pile, I wish it was functional but no " a pile" that needs putting away. Like you my 2 kids have piles which they need to put away so they are functional. They are a must aren't they- we should all have "piles"
hugs Deb

maria said...

I'm so glad that other people have piles around their homes too. I'm always complaining about them here! There seems to be a never ending pile of paperwork to sort out and piles of magazines.

Kris said...

Yes, it's sad, but true. I always seem to be working my way through some pile or other.

Tammy James said...

I might have a pile or two ... not as many as I used to. I like kneading ... tee hee ... we are different! I might not like it 'as' much if I had a bread maker ;)

Kate Bruning said...

Oh thank goodnes it is just books - I was worried you meant the other kind of piles. Yes, we have massive problems with the booky kind of piles too.

Amy Paul said...

functional piles are a must in our household too. As long as they get cleared every once in a while! My kids are currently working on their "functional pile" called the toyroom.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I have more piles than I can count! I really do love your blog banner!