Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012

Hello dear readers...

I like to reflect the year on this day.  It has been a much more stable year compared to 2011 which is rather nice.  Trying to think of the highlights - which are many - the most recent - for me personally - is removing sky diving off my bucket list.  That was one awesome ride (thanks Hamish!).

I have had a good crafty year as well and picked my Civil War Quilt up just before Christmas.  I would like to finish my UFO (I blogged about it some *ahem* ago) and my Sue Spargo project (it seems such a shame to not).  I will also finish another Christmas Stocking for the eldest boy.  I continue with my scrapbooking but in 2013 will be furiously attempting Project Life.  I know there will be a few projects slipped in but these must will be done.

I am not sure where I am going with the blog.  I seem to be stalking lots of blogs, Face Booking lots and pinteresting abit.  I would love to spend less time in front of this screen.  It is a catch-22 with the craving for ideas (pinterest/blogs), the need to be in touch with friends (FB) and interest/reassurance I gain from blogs.

I have been doing yoga weekly for almost two years now and would really like to do it almost daily.  This is a priority issue.  I would like to read more.  My book/magazine pile on my bed side table is ridiculous.  Exercises more - I do have plans to join a weekly Barrosa class.  And finally tenacity for more time in the garden.  It is not large - very manageable size just seems to slip the radar all to often.  I guess 2013 is fitting all these things in.

Bring on 2013.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tell me it looks like a rose.

I have had this idea in my head for a while and finally I make it.

It turned out heaps better than I thought.  Don't you love that.

Though next time I will make the rose smaller on the skirt - don't you think?  Do you think I need to add a hem the same colour as the rose?

See someone else trying to model discretely as well?

Please SPONSOR me.  I seriously need to raise a lot more!  Jump date is 25th of this month (take a deep breath Sarah)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My 13 year old shames my stitching

13 yo: Mum
Me: yes gorgeous
13 yo:  I have to do textiles.  You know like you do, sewing, knitting etc - it is going to be sooo boring.
Me: (biting my tongue) oh okay.  You might be surprised?
13 yo: ha ha I DON'T think so Mum!

a week later...
13yo: Mum
Me: Yes
13yo: Look what I did in textiles - we did a back stitch and sewed on a button till it was secure.  We just had to do two boxes.
Me: (having a look at it and gasping) OH my gosh that is SO GOOD!
13yo: (grinning)
Me:  your stitch lengths are perfect!  I find that really hard to do (no I really REALLY do).
13yo: (pft) that is really easy mum. It was really good and this week we are doing applique on a bag and stitching it down next week.  
One - He has learned some crafty technical words and two - he said 'it was really good'. 

I could not be prouder that he is putting my stitching to shame.

Oh and I want to meet this teacher.  She must rock.  Maybe she can convert my 13 year old?  How cool would that be?

Please sponsor me!  I am really need to raise my funds!  Every little bit counts. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

JUMP out of a plane?

There is a new cause which I think needs our support.

"Support for Mums is a not-for-profit organisation that will assist mums and their families through circumstantial crisis.  Circumstantial crisis may include high risk/difficult pregnancy, an unwell baby or child, unwell immediate family member.  Perinatal depression or any crisis that inhibits a family carry out day-to-day tasks."

To do my bit to help this charity I am needing to raise money to jump out of a plane.

Yup tandem skydive.

You want to see me do it huh!

PLEASE can you click on this link (or the button on the side bar) and add a few dollars so I hit the target to jump!

I promise I will share the whole event here!

Thanks to Segway Tasmania who is sponsoring my flight to Victoria to jump.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reporting in...

I have some goals for October.  I want to get some projects moving...

Goal 1.  To scrap at least five layouts a week for October.  This means I will get through a big chunk of memories to record.

Goal 2.  To finish this stocking cross stitch so it will be complete for my middle son this Christmas.  Oh la la I just LOVE the threads.

That is it.  What are your goals for October?

P.S.  Goals dont actually mean you will achieve (!!) rather you attempt at great lengths to achieve to feel some sort of progress and sense of satisfaction.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some progress at last

Ages ago I blogged about the Civil War Quilt blocks from here... Finally I got some daylight hours to get to this stage.  The blocks were meant to finish at 8 1/2 inch...  A few to many did not (not just me suffered this!). 

 It is a relief to get to this point - they have been hanging around to be done like a bad smell.  I need to decide how I'm going to quilt it.  Do you know how quilts from the Civil War times were quilted?  I am going to try to replicate this using my sewing machine (I know I know). 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sue Spargo at The Quilted Crow

A relaxing weekend stitching new stitches with Sherri and Jan and meeting people like Sue and Lizzie (your company rocked guys).  Sue Spargo was so keen to share her amazing skills and encourage creative breakthroughs.  Generous with her goodies and patience.  I am so looking forward to when she releases her stitches book (I know gasp!)

We got to play with some seriously cool decorative stitches...

Beading - I mean yum people yum!

Even way out stitching.  Cool ha?

Sherri's design which I copied because people - it was cool.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

testing testing 1.2.3

Yup it still works.  

I feel like I am always being creative 
but then nothing to really show for it.

I have done my homework for the upcoming Sue Spargo workshop next weekend at The Quilted Crows.  Jan is coming and so is a very dear friend from the mainland.  We are going to have  

I am loving watching the vegies grow and the plot provide us with extra goodness at meals.  I am also trailing Hilbarn.  Where food is sourced directly from local farmers and delivered to your door.  The first box I got made me deeply excited about real food.

Been scrapping lots.  Nice to actually finish something.

Have finished all my Civil War Blocks.  Ahmen.  Now I am in the process of getting them ship shape to put together.  This has been a big project.  I will finish it.  No UFO happening here.

I am not really a fiction reader - let alone a book so thick.  This book has a personal link so I am getting through it.  So close to the finish and seeing what happens.  Been enjoying it.

I aint going to blog about groundhog house work or toddler wrangling or sibiling rivary or daily grooming a big hairball.  What about you?  What is keeping you?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tree skirt

Yea I know - it is not Christmas any time soon.  

I am sticking to my order of projects so here it is done.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I just love it

I really wanted to knit this .. just got a bit daunted... 

 Thanks to the ladies at CWA (Country Women's Association) I can tick it of the list - ye haw!  An AWSOME free pattern by Flinlknits (yup the same gal who designed the Little Mans jumper).  I am  now eyeing off her beret pattern.  


The Little Man trying a bit of hip shaking as well.