Monday, April 30, 2012


Famous word from this little one...


Come on lets go!


Sit up for lunch


Time to head home


NO no no NO No No no NO!

I actually don't mind the no...  it is the tone and defiance that comes with it...

breath breath

I ignore when I can, pick up and carry when I can (and ignore the cries), get eye to eye and say "do not speak to mummy like that" or even sit him on time out.  Seriously people I WAS hoping the terrible twos was it and I was going to get the lovely threes (okay I do have five more weeks then it will be lovely threes).

What are you doing or did you do at these stages to get through with a calm mind (yes I am going back to yoga) and laid back attitude?  DO SHARE!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life is getting away with me

It seems I have let life get away with me. You know that ongoing balancing act. I want to love what I do more. I want to do it with love rather than the frustration of the repetitive chores, deciding meals and child/preteen/teenrearing. Its a work in progress hey?

I have been crafting. I just have to snitch moments when I can...

I have made Marians Skirt. My girl friends sister was wearing a similar skirt, which she covered. I feel in love with it. She trusted me with her skirt and her book. I made my own skirt with denim from my neighbours stash (i know lucky me)... Now, another friend of mine saw it and wants to make one. Lets hope Marians skirt keeps being shared. She is good.

This is what 34 complete and 11 to-be-sewn civil war blocks looks like. Seven more to cut. Was going to have this done well and truly by now. Got distracted and have run low on some fabric. Will get back to it.

Working on this for the Little Man for winter. My biggest knitting project to date. Just loving it.

Been out in the garden a lot as well. I think we are close to getting it right.

Also reading this book for book club. It has actually got my attention.

We have been building up to the end of rowing season. Though I REALLY enjoyed the last camp/rowing weekend I am pleased it is the end of the season. Orienteering has also died down. Both boys did exceptionally well in the State competition. Wonder what they will do over winter. They both have changed 180 degrees with their sports/music this year.

The Little Man is a busy boy. Easter Chocolates = + activity and - ability to reason. His day sleeps are shortening (hummmmm). He still wont sit and watch TV (sob sob) even when I sit with him during Play School to catch my breath (argh). He is perfecting tantrums and testing who is boss (yes sireee).

It was rather freighting seeing how many pups Abby's age are needing homes at the dog home. Not surprising considering we are going through the phase at the moment. I see the potential - she just needs to learn the rules. Like another toddler in the house but she does not wear nappies and sheds despite daily grooming (which she totally hearts).

There is never enough moments in the day to do everything I would like!